Motekforce Link Product


  • MOTEK FORCE LINK.보행/생체역학./재활 통합시스템


  • 보행 분석
  • 재활 치료
● 가장 진보된 생체 역학 실험실
● 광범위한 기능
● 듀얼러닝 머신
● 보행 종합 솔루션
● 몰입형 VR


CAREN the Motekforce Link leading product, a hardware and software system for registration, evaluation and training of functional human behaviour. This biomechanical lab consists of a motion base, motion capture, a projection screen and the D-Flow software.

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GRAIL is a total package solution for gait analysis and gait training, which employs an instrumented dual-belt treadmill, a motion-capture system and Virtual Reality (VR) environments in addition to three video cameras. GRAIL empowers user friendly assessments and exercises, in challenging conditions, to improve (pathologica l) gait patterns. Real-time feedback in GRAIL enable analysis and training during the same session.

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The C-Mill is a treadmill that uses visual cues on the belt surface and acoustic cues for training and evaluation of gait patterns. The C-Mill allows for learning gait adaptability strategies through obstacle avoidance in a safe and controlled environment.

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The DynSTABLE is a clinical tool that measures and trains dynamic and static balance control under conditions of various complexity and difficulty. Using Virtual Reality, combined with the moving platform, a set of assessments and training exercises improve and monitor impaired balance control.

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A Modular treadmill system for Gait Research & Clinical Gait Analysis. The M-Gait is modular, enabling various system enhancements to upgrade the functionality of your set-up. Add, for example, fast treadmill pitch and sway, 3D motion capture and/or an interactive Virtual Reality system (VR).

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