KINARM End-Point lab


  • KINARM.감각/운동/인지.연구통합플랫폼


  • 기초연구
  • 임상연구
  • 신경 생리학연구

● High Performance Robot

● Designed for Bilateral Studies

● 2D Virtual / Augmented Reality

● Modular Design

● Standing or Sitting Use (optional)

● Integrated Gaze-Tracking(optional)

● Easy To Use and Powerful


Select from these components of KINARM End-Point Lab

● One or two KINARM End-Point robots

● High-resolution secondary encoders for improved performance

● 6 degree-of-freedom force / torque sensors

● Desktop display or intergrated virtual / augmented reality presentation of 2D virtual targets in the workspace


● Data acquisition hardware, including up to 32 channels of analog input, 4 channels of analog output and 

   30 channels of   digital input / output

Robot & System Specifications

● Peak torque pulse of 58N

● Feedback resolution of 3 microns with optional secondary encoders or 15 microns without

● End-point stiffness (mechanical planar) of ~ 40,000 N/m with optional secondary encoders or 16,000 N/m


● 76cm X 44cm elliptical workspace per robot; 118cm X 44cm combined elliptical workspace for bilateral system

● Effective inertia of 0.8 / 1.0kg (minor / major axes)

● Real-time control and data acquisition at 1 kHz

● Minimum suggested lab size 3m X 3m

KIMARM Gaze-Tracker Specifications

● Sampling Rate : 500Hz

● Subject Setup : requires a quick 13 point calibration

● Resolution : 0.05°RMS ; saccade resolution of 0.25°

● Accuracy : ~0.5° with minimal head movement; up to ~1° with extreme head motion

● Workspace Area : elliptically shaped of ~ 50cm X ~ 30cm (~55° in the horizontal;~40° in the vertical).

   The range does not cover the entire Virtual Reality workspace which is 76cm X 44cm.

   The gaze-tracker is centered in the middle of the KINARM Lab workspace to optimize the range.

● Recovery from Loss of Tracking: fast recovery through use of target sticker