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The human KINARM Exoskeleton Lab is a versatile research facility to?

sensory, motor and cognitive function.

2D virtual/augmented reality display

A virtual-reality system permits control over visual stimuli and even of the limb.

-E™ experimental control software and? hardware

Each Lab supplied by BKIN Technologies includes Dexterit-E™ control and data?
? software, which combines the power of a real-time operating system with the ease of?
? a Windows™-based interface.? KINARM Standard Tests ?can be used to enable immediate data?
? collection, analysis and reporting, without the need for programmers.

(U.S. Patent No. 8,277,396, 8,740,794; CN Patent No. ZL200780047665.6; JP Patent No. 5368311;?
? CA & EP Patent Applications pending).

Custom Task Programs can be created using high-level graphical programming tools.

Integrated Gaze-Tracking (optional)

A head-free gaze-tracker solution that: simplifies experimental set-up, ensuring nothing interferes?
? with the head which is especially important in clinical research; and is easily accommodated in?
? the KINARM Virtual Reality System where space is limited.

KINARM Users benefit from an exponential increase in experimental possibilities, without the?
? headache of having to customize and coordinate multiple hardware solutions.


Components of the Human KINARM Exoskeleton Lab

● ?Two motorized KINARM™ Exoskeleton robots for simultaneous right and left-handed investigation; unilateral?

? ? optional.

● ?Workstation and visual display for presentation of 2D virtual targets in the actual plane of limb motion.

● ?System-integrated chair with wheelchair-style seating (including removable foot, arm and head rests).

● ?Dexterit-E data acquisition and experimental control software.

● ?A library of Simulink? blocks to assist with rapid custom task program creation (MATLAB?, and

? ? Simulink? and other MathWorks’ toolboxes must be purchased separately)

●?Control hardware to run Dexterit-E (including a real-time computer for precise and safe action).

●?Data acquisition hardware, optionally including up to 32 channels of analog input, 4 channels of analog

? ? and 30 channels of digital input/output.

Robot & System Specifications

●?Real-time control at 2 kHz and data acquisition at 1kHz.

●?Peak torque pulse of 16.5 ; 5.5 continuous (~25% more than KINARM Classic).

●?Feedback resolution of 0.0006° (~4 microns at the hand) (absolute encoders are now standard).

● Vertical out-of-plane stiffness of 8,500 N/m; in-plane mechanical stiffness of 16,400 N/m ?

? ?~2-3 times the KINARM Classic).

●?~3X higher gains for position control relative to KINARM Classic.

●?minimum 47″ visual display/workspace.

● Fits children as young as 5 ? 6 years old (with optional child-size arm troughs) and adults up to

? ?Approximately 6’6″ (2 m).