MotionMonitor? 소프트웨어


  • MOTION MONITOR.모션캡쳐통합시스템


  • 모션캡쳐 데이터 처리
  • EMG신호 처리
  • 보행분석
  • 신경과학 및 재활
  • 생체연구

The most advanced data acquisition, analysis and visualization system in the market

place ?provides measurement of human motion.

● The MotionMonitor? is a turn-key 3-D motion capture system designed to synchronously collect data?

? ? from kinematic tracker,? EMG, force plates, video, event markers and other analog devices.

● Data generated from a rich colletion of analytical tools are immediately available for playback with graphical

? ?displays of all data? output.

● Stunning 3-D computer-rendered animations of the subject can be the human body's movement, muscle

? ? recruitment and? external forces acting on the body is achieved using the broadest range of hardware available

? ? in the market.


★ Analyze Data collected from any hardware using The MotionMonitor? C3D Model Builder:

? ??● Import data and construct models in 4 simple steps.

? ??● Use established marker sets, rigid bodies or combinations of both

? ??● Define virtual joint centers, landmarks & segment coodinate systems

? ??● Save model templates for faster setup

★ Subject set-up designed to meet your unique requirements

★ Powerful control of data collection

★ Immediate playback ensures accurate collection of data

★ Data Reduction features will speed analysis

★ Biofeedback for motor control, neuro research and rehabilitation

★ Additional features to enhance your productivity

★ Benefit from unparalleled commitment to post-sale support